Situation Celebration: Madison’s 8th Birthday


Kay so I’m about a week and a half late but here’s a bit of my princesses 8th birthday! Check out that tutu y’all! I made that for her after watching countless youtube vids and getting mad at the tutu prices on Etsy I decided to go for it and 3 hours later this marvelous creation is what happened.

Now I am all about DIY and saving money, especially being a single mom of two, and a good majority of this party was DIY from the tutu to the table decorations even the food(except for the cake)


This is our goody bag/box table the girls really got a kick of the cute little boxes cooler than your usual gift bag, I purchased the boxes from my local Dollar Tree and 4 came in each package and I bought 3 packages


We had a face painting and glitter tattoo station for all the girls these kits were purchased in the clearance section at target $6 for both!! Win and there is still enough left over for a future party.


One of our 4 party games was a “mummy fashion show” with toilet paper! Cute huh??

I kept the menu pretty simple:
Birthday cake
Mini “monster burgers”
Graveyard pudding cups

All in all we had a wonderful celebration for my babies birthday, she enjoyed every minute of it.



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