Wash day y’all!


Whether you’re newly natural or have been rocking your puffy halo for a while, or even a relaxed girl like myself; wash day should be easy. And it shouldn’t be a chore. We should feel relieved that we can flip our ‘fros and twirl our twist outs. Natural hair should be fun, fluffy and fancy free. So what’s the point if you’re taking just as much time as going to the beauty shop to do your hair when you’re natural?
If you don’t know, the phrase “wash day” is the day, not to be confused with a day of rest, that is reserved for grooming. For some women, wash day is a dance of complicated steps involving multiple products and oils and conditioning caps in an effort to achieve the perfect balance of moisture and softness. To that I say, wash DAY? A whole day? Really? I don’t have time for that. Actually, I won’t even entertain pretending like I’m making time for that. My “wash day” usually consists of the following (I’m also including my fav products):

Prepoo….if I feel like I need the extra moisture not a mandatory step (L’Oreal Total Repair conditioner mixed with EVOO) cover with plastic cap for 30 mins; during this time I’m usually doing something around the house or watching tv.

Shampoo 2x (L’Oreal Total Repair shampoo)

If I feel like it…..black tea rinse (Lipton black tea)

Deep condition (whatever conditioner I have on hand mixed with either EVOO or coconut oil) for 30 mins. I don’t sit under a dryer or steamer but I do put on a plastic cap and I typically am moving around so the body heat I generate is enough for me.

After rinsing I normally let my hair air dry for about 20 mins before I put my leave ins on my hair (Cantu Shea Butter leave in conditioner, Organix Coconut Milk anti breakage serum)

Then, I either wrap my hair if I plan on wearing it straight or I will Bantu knot it for the week
Total I spend maybe 1.5-2hours max on my “wash day” but honey some people I know and some blogs I’ve run across take the Wash Day at its total literal meaning LOL!

Within the last five years, so many companies launched hair care lines devoted to natural hair. Tons of products definitely increases our choice, but also increases our desire to stock our linen closets with six different conditioners—all still half-full—that sit there, unused like a coin collection. It makes sense that newly natural women try more products because figuring out what works is a valid challenge. But for the rest of us a few years (or decades) into the natural game, get a trusted product lineup and stick with it. Keep it simple. Using less product saves time and effort, and makes wash day fly by. Streamlining those products helps to keep wash day antics to a minimum. Your living space isn’t doubling as a meth lab, so there’s no reason to put the entire pantry and the contents under the kitchen sink on your hair and call it a hydrating masque. Ma’am. Stop it. No, seriously, stop it before you smell fumes.
Having a routine also helps to cut down on grooming time. Washing your hair should be like taking a shower. Not many people truly dread bathing, they just do it. Lather, rinse, repeat. It’s that simple. But not us. We want to co-wash, deep condition, suffer through awful smelling protein treatments, sit under the dryer for 47 minutes until hair glues itself to the top of the hooded dryer, rinse the hair for 12 more minutes, slather on extra virgin olive oil hot oil treatment on, sit under the dryer again for 21 minutes because 15 just doesn’t ‘feel’ long enough, rinse again, then finally begin to style. Who does that? Well, a lot of us actually.
The most important thing to note here is that there’s nothing wrong with natural hair that needs fixing. Unless you’re sleeping without a bonnet or satin pillowcase every night or rushing through combing your hair, you most likely don’t have glaring issues with your hair. And, this is especially true if your hair isn’t color-treated. That means there’s no need to always do all of the extra treatments and put in the the “just in case” products. Part of going natural is learning to be okay with what you’ve got. Letting go of trying to achieve perfectly formed zig zags, curls and coils with an array of products doesn’t mean you’re doomed to be unkempt. Besides, if it’s a humid day, fluffy hair will probably frizz even if a $22 curl activating serum is bonded to each coil. Hair will find a way to behave the way it wants. Let it do that.
Seriously, if you want to wash your hair on Saturday morning, do it. Just don’t take all day.


Oh Let Me Count the Ways….50 Ways to use Baking Soda

Well here we are with another ’50 uses’ list! This weeks’ list tackles the many useful ways you can use baking soda and not just for keeping your fridge fresh! I think I may keep going with this 50 series….next week our 50 list will be all about aloe!


1. Use baking soda to alkalize your body:

I add a pinch of baking soda and Celtic sea salt to my filtered water when I drink it to help alkalize my body throughout the day.

2. Use baking soda as an antacid:

Simply dissolve 1 teaspoon in a glass of water to relieve heartburn and indigestion.

3. Use baking soda as a toothpaste:

Mix a paste out of baking soda and filtered water in place of conventional toothpaste to brush your teeth. You could also mix baking soda and a 3 percent hydrogen peroxide paste.

4. Use baking soda as mouthwash:

Dissolve one teaspoon in 1 cup of water and gargle to neutralize mouth odours. This is also good for relieving pan from canker sores and ulcers.

5. Use baking soda to clean oral appliances:

Brush dentures, retainers and other oral appliances with baking soda and dissolve two teaspoons of baking soda in a standard glass of water or bowl to loosen food particles and neutralize odours.

6. Use baking soda to clean and freshen hair styling utensils:

You can also clean hair brushes and combs in the same way to remove soap residue and grease.
If you have any stiff brushes lying around your house that you want to revive, try boiling them in a solution of 1 cup baking soda, ¼ cup white vinegar and a gallon of water. This will soften and freshen them up.

7. Use baking soda to soak and clean skin:

Dissolve ½ cup baking soda in the bath tub with a few drops of essential oil for a relaxing soak that also cleans the acids off your skin and softens it.

8. Use baking soda to relieve diaper rash on babies:

Dissolve a small amount of baking soda in the bath water to help relieve diaper rash on babies.

9. Use baking soda to soothe aching feet and neutralize foot odour:

Dissolve a few tablespoons of baking soda and a drop of essential oil in a small tub of water to soak tired aching feet and neutralize foot odour.

10. Use baking soda to make face and body scrubs:

Mix just enough filtered water or cold pressed almond oil to create pastes to exfoliate your face or body.

11. Use baking soda to neutralize odours on hands after cooking:

Use a paste of lemon juice and baking soda to neutralize odours from cutting foods like garlic.

12. Use baking soda to wash your hair:

Mix a bit of baking soda in the palm of your hand with your favourite shampoo to boost the cleaning power and remove residue from your hair.

13. Use baking soda to relieve itchy skin:

You can pat it directly onto your body like talcum powder as a natural soothing agent for itchy skin.

14. Use baking soda to treat insect bites and stings, sunburn and windburn:

Make a paste with baking soda and water and apply to relieve insect bites and stings or sunburn, windburn. This paste is also good for drawing out jelly fish stings and soothing bee stings.

15. Use baking soda to clear nasal congestion:

Add a teaspoon of baking soda to your vaporizer to clear nasal congestion.

16. Use baking soda to wash fruits and vegetables:

Dissolve 1 teaspoon of baking soda in a bowl of water to wash fruits and vegetables and remove acid residues.

17. Use baking soda to soften foods:

Baking soda is really helpful to soften and tenderize foods making them easier to work with. I will often soak dates and other fruits in a bit of water and baking soda to soften them before adding them to baked goods.

18. Use baking soda to reduce the acidity of foods:

I add a pinch to homemade tomato sauces and vegan soups to help reduce the acidity while cooking. A pinch of baking soda added into legumes helps to soften them and reduce the gas effect!

19. Use baking soda to clean stains on cutting boards:

A quick natural cleaner and bleach is to cut open a lemon and sprinkle some baking soda on the open juicy end or directly on the surface. This will clean most stains of cutting boards.

20. Use baking soda to as a drain cleaner:

If water has not started to back up, pour 1 cup of baking soda followed by 3 cups boiling water. Repeat this process if needed. OR pour 1/2 cup of baking soda followed by 1/2 cup of vinegar. Let this mixture fizz for a while, then pour down about 3 litres of boiling water down the drain.

21. Use baking soda to remove odours in your dishwasher:

Fill the detergent container with baking soda and fill the rinse container with vinegar. Run the dishwasher empty to remove odours.

22. Use baking soda to clean and remove odours from your oven:

Mix 1 cup with enough water to make a paste. Spread on the inside of the oven and leave for a few hours. Use a scourer to remove residue.

To remove odours from your oven follow this up by baking orange or lemon peels for 5 minutes at 180 C / 350 F.

23. Use baking soda to clean your microwave:

Mix two cups of water with 2 Tablespoons in a glass bowl. Place in the microwave and heat on high for about 1 ½ minutes. Wipe off food residue with a soft damp cloth.

24. Use baking soda to cleaning kitchen pots and pans:

To remove baked on food from dishes: sprinkle the bottom with baking soda. Then mix one part white vinegar to 3 parts hot water. Pour this solution into the dish and allow to soak for at least an hour. Leave overnight for really baked on particles. Food should lift off.

To clean off burnt bottoms of saucepans: Dissolve 2 Tablespoons in 2 cups of water and bring to the boil in the burnt saucepan. Allow to cool for about an hour or more if needed, and burnt base should wipe off.

25. Use baking soda to freshen up dishcloths and cleaning rags:

Soak cleaning cloths in a solution of baking soda and warm water to remove odours.

26. Use baking soda to clean coffee and tea pots:

To clean stains and odours from coffee and tea pots dissolve a few tablespoons in warm water and allow to soak. Rinse thoroughly and dry.

27. Use baking soda to deodorize garbage disposals:

Sprinkle some baking soda with lemon wedges to remove odours from your garbage disposal.

28. Use baking soda to absorb odours in the fridge, freezer, pantry and closet:

Keep an open box in the back of your fridge, freezer, pantry and closet to absorb odours and neutralize smells.

29. Using baking soda to deodorize trash cans and recycle bins:

Sprinkle some in the bottom of your trash cans before you line them to keep odours at bay. You can do the same for the recycle container.

30. Use baking soda to neutralize carpet odours and vacuum cleaners:

Sprinkle a generous amount over carpets and allow to set overnight before vacuuming up. This will neutralize odours in your carpet and vacuum cleaner in one step!

31. Use baking soda to deodorize cat litter boxes:

Sprinkle baking soda on the bottom of the litter box and then fill with kitty litter. You can also deodorize dog and cat beds by sprinking baking soda, allowing to sit and then vacuuming up or washing.

32. Use baking soda to neutralize odours in ash trays:

Sprinkle some baking soda in ash trays, allow to sit and then wipe out.

33. Use baking soda to clean and deodorize shoes:

Sprinkle baking soda in runners and other soft gym shoes and shake out before wearing to neutralize smelly odours.

34. Use baking soda to clean and deodorize bags:

You can also sprinkle in work out bags and shake or vacuum out.

35. Use baking soda to clean sports equipment:

To clean golf irons, baseball bats, tennis racquets simply dissolve a couple of tablespoons in some warm water and wipe over with a soft damp cloth.

36. Use baking soda to clean kitchen sinks and bath tubs:

To clean hazy film on sinks: sprinkle a bit of baking soda on a wet cloth. Rub sink well and then rinse to remove films and residues.

To clean soap scum and water residue: combine 1 1/2 cups baking soda with about 1/2 cup natural liquid castile soap and 1/2 cup water. Mix very welll and then add 2 tablespoons white vinegar. Use this solution to clean the sink with a damp cloth and then rinse well.

To clean bathroom tiles: pour vinegar onto a sponge and sprinkle with baking soda. Wipe the tiles over. Repeat this with a toothbrush to scrub in between the grout. Rinse the tiles down to remove any baking soda and vinegar residue.

You can also make a cream cleanser for bath and ceramic sinks and keep it in a squeeze bottle by mixing 1 and 3/4 cups of baking soda with about 2/3 cup of natural liquid detergent to create a cream like consistency. You could also add a few drops of essential oil to this mixture. Brands of detergent vary in composition so you may need to adjust the quantities of your mixture. Just don’t make the solution too thick or you won’t be able to squeeze it out.

37. Use baking soda to clean toilets:

Sprinkle baking soda around the bowl. Drip a few drops of natural liquid soap onto the toilet brush and scrub out the bowl. This will remove rings. To clean the outside of the bowl, sprinkle some baking soda onto a damp rag. Wipe over the lid and then rinse the cloth to wipe off any baking soda residue.

38. Use baking soda to clean floors:

Dissolve ½ cup baking soda in a bucket hot water to remove grease and odours.

You could add a drop or two of essential oil or a little lemon juice.

39. Use baking soda to boost the power of your laundry detergent:

To boost the power of washing detergent: place 1/2 cup baking soda to wash cycle to boost the power of the washing powder. By balancing the PH of the water clothes get cleaner and brighter.

40. Use baking soda to freshen clothes, linens and bedding:

Simply place ½ cup in with the rinse cycle. You can also add a couple of drops of essential oil.

41. Use baking soda as a natural fabric softener:

Add in 1/2 cup baking soda to the rinse cycle as a natural fabric softener.

42. Use baking soda to brighten whites:

You can soak cloth baby diapers or other whites in a solution of ½ cup of baking soda in a bucket of warm water to get them cleaner and whiter.

43. Use baking soda to clean silver:

To polish silver: dissolve ½ cup baking soda to about 5 litres of water in a stainless steel sink or bowl. Dip silver in this solution and wipe with a soft damp sponge to remove tarnishes.

44. Use baking soda to clean oil and grease stains in garages:

Simply sprinkle the affected area with a generous amount of baking soda and scrub with a wet brush. Rinse the area to clean thoroughly.

45. Use baking soda to clean and deodorize your car:

Simply dilute ¼ cup baking soda in a bucket of warm water to wash chrome, windows, car lights, handles and floor mats without fear of scratches. If you wipe your window with a solution of baking soda and water it helps to repel rain on your windshield. Deodorize your car by sprinkling generous amounts of baking soda over upholstery and allowing to sit before vacuuming.

46. Use baking soda to keep flowers fresh:

Mix in a tablespoon of baking soda into the vase of water to keep flowers fresher for longer.

47. Use baking soda to repel ants and cockroaches:

Instead of spraying harmful bug sprays, try sprinkling some baking soda along window sills to repel ants and cockroaches.

48. Use baking soda to stop animals eating your flowers:

Sprinkle some baking soda around your flower beds to stop rabbits from chomping on your flowers.

49. Use baking soda to make your tomatoes sweeter:

Just sprinkle some baking soda on the soil around your tomato plants to make them sweeter!

50. Use baking soda in your swimming pool:

Baking soda can be added to your swimming pool water to balance the pH and keep the water clear.


Clean and Green!!!!

I do not exactly claim to be totally green nor is my carbon print minimal but I do enjoy eating healthier and creating a nice semi-green natural bubble for my family. So lately I’ve been gradually phasing out my obsessive need for chemicals when I clean, seriously y’all I was a cleaning product junkie! I’m very particular and some may say a bit obsessive with cleaning, now I’m down to really 2 products…bleach and fabuloso. For those that don’t know about fabuloso it is the most awesome all purpose cleaner of all time, honestly I don’t think I will be able to stop using those particular products. I have however, managed to find greener healthier alternatives for some of my favorite products (windex, pledge, febreeze, and an all purpose bathroom cleaner) so here’s the recipes for my new alternatives! Feel free to test them out, let me know how they worked for you and share with the world.



Half White Vinegar
Half Water
1 tsp Dawn

2 tsp Olive Oil (I used a bit more)
2 cups water
1/4 cup white vinegar
*Citrus fragrance

1/8 c fabric softener
2 tbs baking soda
Rest water
*Lavendar fragrance

Bathroom Cleaner
1/2 c vinegar
1/4 c baking soda
2 liters water
*Citrus fragrance

If you want to add fragrance I strongly recommend using essential oils

Fifty Shades of Coconut Oil….The links!

Yesterday, I posted a great list of 50 uses for coconut oil. Unfortunately the links I had with some of the uses weren’t there when I posted the blog so here’s the links and corresponding numbers on the list! Thanks to Karen for pointing it out to me!


4. http://www.swansonvitamins.com/blog/natural-health-tips/top-15-smoothie-ingredients

12. http://www.swansonvitamins.com/blog/kaitlins-blog/coconut-oil-coffee

13. http://www.twopeasandtheirpod.com/coconut-granola/

15. http://www.freecoconutrecipes.com/index.cfm/2009/7/25/Coconut-Oil-Vinegar-Salad-Dressing

19. http://www.swansonvitamins.com/blog/natural-health-and-wellness/diy-natural-sugar-scrub

21. http://www.theprairiehomestead.com/2012/12/diy-coconut-oil-deodorant.html

22. http://healthimpactnews.com/2012/homemade-coconut-oil-lip-balms/

41. http://www.swansonvitamins.com/blog/natural-health-tips/essential-oils-aromatherapy-guide

47. http://www.theglutenfreevegan.com/2011/10/how-to-season-a-cast-iron-pan/

49. http://www.dogsnaturallymagazine.com/the-health-benefits-of-coconut-oil/

Fifty Shades of Coconut Oil

So anyone that knows me well knows that I toot the horn of coconut oil awesomeness all the time and I did a bit of research to go beyond what I normally use it for…I put it on my hair and I use it for baking(I use separate jars for my hair and for cooking) so here’s some great uses for coconut oil thati hope all of y’all can use! Have fun!

Cooking and Eating
1) Cooking at High Heat – Some oils are unsafe to cook with at high temperatures, coconut oil is a great alternative.

2) On Toast Instead of Butter – Simply use coconut oil instead of butter on your toast.

3) Eat it by the Spoonful – Coconut oil is that delicious and healthful. Enjoy one spoonful each morning.

4) Smoothies – Add one tablespoon of coconut oil into your favorite smoothie recipe and increase your energy with the oil’s MCTs. Check out this post for the Top Smoothie Ingredients.

5) Fry Eggs – Lightly coat the bottom of your skillet with coconut oil to create a non-stick surface and delicious eggs.

6) Popping Popcorn – A sweet twist on a classic snack! To make stovetop popcorn, you need a heavy-bottomed pan. First, add the coconut oil and popcorn to the pot. Coat the area of the pot with the oil, and use just enough popcorn to make a single layer over the bottom of the pot. Give the pot a little shake to make sure all of the kernels are coated with oil. Next, place the pot over medium heat. Put the lid on the pot, leaving it slightly open so that steam can escape. It should take about five minutes for the popcorn to pop completely.

7) Popcorn Topping – Instead of butter, melt a little coconut oil and pour it over your popped popcorn. Then sprinkle lightly with Himalayan crystal salt.

8) Oven Baked Sweet Potato Chips – Preheat your oven to 400 degrees. Thinly slice sweet potatoes to about 1/8” thick. Place slices on a baking sheet and brush lightly with coconut oil. Bake for about 15 minutes or until chips are lightly brown. Add salt to taste, and serve with salsa or dip. (Or just eat them plain – either way they’re delicious!)

9) Replace Vegetable Oil for Baking – Next time you make your favorite brownie recipe, replace the vegetable oil with coconut oil. Your friends will be begging you for the recipe.

10) Pan Frying – Next time you fry up a batch of sweet potato fries or a piece of chicken, use coconut oil.

11) Grilled Cheese with Coconut Oil – No need for butter the next time you are making a grilled cheese sandwich.

12) Coconut Oil Coffee – Adding a spoonful to your coffee is a delicious way to start your day with a huge energy boost! Here is a great recipe for coconut oil coffee.

13) Homemade Granola – Check out this delicious recipe for coconut granola.

14) A Spoonful in Tea – Allow some coconut oil to melt and mildly flavor your next cup of tea.

15) Salad Dressings – A simple recipe for a salad dressing with coconut oil can be found here.

Skin Care

16) Cheekbone Highlighter – Apply a small amount on cheekbones over makeup.

17) Shaving Lotion – Close shave and a moisturizer at the same time.

18) Facial Scrub – Combine coconut oil with Himalayan crystal salt and apply to face each night. Washing it off is optional.

19) Body Scrub – Combine coconut oil and sugar. Check out this DIY Sugar Scrub recipe.

20) Makeup Remover – Healthier, stronger and longer eye lashes are just a bonus!

21) Homemade Deodorant – You only need a few ingredients in addition to coconut oil to make this simple deodorant recipe.

22) Homemade Lip Balm or Lip Gloss – Apply directly or create a flavored version with this simple lip balm recipe.

23) Diaper Rash Cream – Apply regularly to the baby’s bottom to improve skin health.

24) Sexual Lubricant – Our Facebook fans swear by this one 🙂

25) Stretch Mark Preventer During Pregnancy – This safe, healthy oil can be applied multiple times each day to help moisturize your stretching skin.

26) Nipple Cream During Breastfeeding – Coconut oil is a popular choice for nursing mothers because it is a natural safe product.

27) Massage Oil – Coconut oil is the perfect choice for a massage oil. Not too greasy and with a relaxing scent.

28) Body Moisturizer – Apply directly after showering.

29) Fade Age Spots – Rub on hands or other areas daily.

30) Sunburn Care – A great moisturizer to use after you’ve gotten a bit too much sun.

31) Facial Moisturizer – After you wash your face, massage a light layer on your skin.

32) Mix in Bath Water – Melt about 1/4 cup in the microwave and add it to your bath water and soak.

33) Tanning Oil – Put in a spray bottle and bring to beach. Spray on to keep skin moisturized.

34) Dry Feet Treatment – Mix with salt to form a foot scrub.

35) Elbow Rub – Helps manage the dry skin on your elbows.

Hair Care

36) Leave-in Overnight Conditioner – Looking for a deep conditioning hair treatment? Rub a small amount of oil into hair (mostly at ends), comb through and put hair in a loose bun before bed, and wash out in the morning.

37) Hair Flyaway Tamer – Use very sparingly on ends or areas with flyaways.

38) Defrizzer of Split Ends – Just put a tiny amount on your hands and run them through the frizzy areas.

39) Static Reducer – Rub your hands together with a little bit of coconut oil on them and run them through your static-y hair.

Other Healthy Uses for Coconut Oil
40) Homemade Toothpaste – Combine equal parts coconut oil and baking soda. Sweeten with stevia and flavor with your favorite essential oil.
41) Aromatherapy – Whether you like coconut or not, the soothing aroma of coconut oil is pleasing to us all and can help us wind down after a long, stressful day. Read The Beginner’s Guide to Aromatherapy.
42) Wound Care – Although you may not be ready to give up your Neosporin, coconut oil can even be used as a topical protector for wounds, shielding them with a thin chemical layer from outside contaminants. You can apply a small amount of coconut oil to small scrapes and cuts.
43) Metabolism Booster – 2 tablespoons per day are proven to rev up your metabolism.
44) Thyroid Supporter – Regular coconut oil consumption has been shown to support healthy thyroid function.
45) Energizer – 1 teaspoon can give you a burst of energy instead of turning towards a caffeinated energy drink.
46) Oil Pulling – Swish coconut oil around in your mouth for 10 minutes before brushing.

Using Coconut Oil Around The House
47) Season a Cast Iron Pan – Here is a nice explanation of how to season a cast iron pan with coconut oil.
48) Use it as a lubricant on small motors/electronics – One Facebook fan uses it to keep his juicer’s motor in top working condition.

Coconut Oil for Animals
49) Feed it to your Dog or Cat – Coconut oil isn’t just healthy for humans. Here is some good info on the benefits for dogs and cats.
50) Put It On Your Cat’s Paw – Put half a teaspoon on your kitty’s paw to keep a shiny coat and cut down on hairballs.


Book of the week! “The Honest Life” by Jessica Alba


So every week I will be bringing y’all (FYI I’m from Texas so you will be seeing ‘y’all’ sprinkled throughout my blog) a book of the week . I am an avid obsessive reader; I do have over 250 books in my ipad and I’ve tried to instill the same love of books into my children. My daughter loves to read and she has a good book collection on her iPod my son however…..he’d rather play with his trucks and trains than read.  Anywho….the book of the week I will just randomly choose on all kinds of varying topics and genres. This weeks book is “The Honest Life” by Jessica Alba I know I know a celebrity book!? no not even. This book is in my opinion an exploration as a mother to have a more natural ‘honest’ approach to things such as cooking, cleaning, and taking care of the children. Here’s a description of the book from the website The Honest Company (www.honest.com)

As a new mom, Jessica Alba wanted to create the safest, healthiest environment for her family. But she was frustrated by the lack of trustworthy information on how to live healthier and cleaner—delivered in a way that a busy mom could act on without going to extremes. In 2012, with serial entrepreneur Brian Lee, seasoned consumer internet executive Sean Kane, and environmental advocate Christopher Gavigan, she launched The Honest Company, a brand where parents can find reliable information and products that are safe, stylish, and affordable. The Honest Life shares the insights and strategies she gathered along the way.

The Honest Life recounts Alba’s personal journey of discovery and reveals her tips for making healthy living fun, real, and stylish, while offering a candid look inside her home and daily life. She shares strategies for maintaining a clean diet (with favorite family-friendly recipes) and embraces nontoxic choices at home and provides eco-friendly decor tips to fit any budget. Alba also discusses cultivating a daily eco beauty routine, finding one’s personal style without resorting to yoga pants, and engaging in fun, hands-on activities with kids. Her solutions are easy, chic, and down-to-earth: they’re honest. And discovering everyday ways to live naturally and authentically—true to you—could be honestly life-changing.

so once I finish reading this I will be posting my own review of the book and any other book recommendations.

Hope y’all enjoy the book of the week!



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