Maria Kang…..Supermom or SuperBully????


Hello Beautiful Readers! They say a picture is worth a thousand words, but in regards to Maria Kang, it must be in the millions. Unless you’ve been avoiding all media lately, I’m talking about the picture of SuperMom – Maria Kang. Maria posted a picture of herself on Facebook wearing boy shorts and a sports bra. Below, were her three children with a caption that read “What’s Your Excuse?” The thing that set so many folks off was that she was incredibly fit for a mom of three, and people felt she was fat-shaming others for not looking like her. Some even went so far as to tell her to put her clothes on because they felt she was sending out the wrong message. Now you might be asking yourself..”what does this have to do with me?” The answer. Everything.
Maria Kang could just as easily be you or someone you know. Someone who has made a conscious decision to not let the responsibilities of motherhood put her fitness on the sideline. If you know me, then I give an applause for what she’s about. I believe the backlash has been nothing short of ridiculous. How is this fat shaming!? I’m a firm believer in working hard to get what you want and taking your life I your own hands. On the contrary, motherhood should inspire you even more to put your fitness at the forefront. Want more energy to play with your kids? Do you feel like your eating habits have taken a wrong turn? Well, you have the power to change all that. All it takes is better planning and a desire to make the changes.
Let’s imagine that you were in Maria Kang’s shoes. You’re raising your kids. You’re handling your responsibilities. You’ve put in the time to make sure you feel and look your best. But are you being selfish? Are you in shape just for your own personal vanity? Are you fat-shaming because you care about your health as a mother and want to inspire others? Do you see just how crazy it seems now? People will do their best to try to derail positive actions when it makes them question their own situation. Think of all the positive light you could bring if you took charge of your health. Imagine having the body of your dreams and the energy to play with your children. What would you be willing to sacrifice to have that fitter, healthier lifestyle? You see the reality is, Maria Kang has the same tools you each have. She simply has chosen to utilize hers. Hopefully, she had the support from family support and friends. But you can’t let lack of family support hamper your fitness endeavors. Just like Maria, you’ll face haters and naysayers. They’ll come in the form of friends, co-workers and loved ones. They may even call you a bully. While I believe that the term bully has no place in the situation, but if being a bully means you get to live a fitter and healthier lifestyle, then I say bully on!


Yes These are My Kids and No I’m Not the Nanny!

I have two awesome, beautiful crazy kids…..Madison is 7 and Bryce is 3. In case you couldn’t guess they’re biracial, many times I have been out and about in the world ant this is the question I hear the most: “Are those your kids?” My inner scarcastic evil self tends to speak when asked this question and my replies normally sound like this:
“no these aren’t my kids, I found them on the side of the road”
“yes! I bought them on eBay! $5 special! You gotta get thou one”
“I do vaguely recall this thing called labor that I suffered through, so yeah I’m quite certain they are mine”
“is that your hair
“I bought them on Craigslist”
“babies R Us sells more than diapers and strollers(insert exaggerated wink here)”
However, I’ve never been more offended with the intrusive questions than I was one day when I was at the playground with the kids. Now where I take them is in a predominantly white neighborhood i routinely do see children there with their nannies (that are typically of Hispanic descent) and I’ve enjoyed shrinking up cordial friendships with them. Now to get to the point, I was sitting on a bench reading a book on my iPad while the kiddos frolicked in the sunshine minding my own business y’all when this lady I’m guessing she was in her mid 30’s sat next to me and asked me, “How long have you been a nanny? Would you be interested in working for me? I see that you have a nice designer bag they must be paying you well I could pay you more”. At that moment I saw red and my inner hoodrat came out (we shall call her bonquiqui) for 2.5 seconds but I reeled her in and remained myself while I read her like books 1-7 of Harry Potter. Needless to say once I was done she was redfaced and embarrassed when she scurried back to the other side of the playground. 
I’ve experienced lots of interesting questions and odd stares as a mother of biracial children and I’m certain that there will be more in the future. I will do my best to show my children that there is more to the world than black and white and we are living examples of an American melting pot…my children are multiracial and I am Dominican, African American, French and above all of those labels a am a mother.

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