Get your mind right Mondays!!!!

Okay so here’s a little goal making list that I swiped from is a good way to prep for the week and make you hold yourself accountable for those pesky unaccomplished tasks. Also to remind you of what you should be thankful for (Thanksgiving is Thursday y’all). So here’s my list and feel free to make your own.


Set up dental appointment for Madison
Make mini cheesecakes for Bryce’s thanksgiving dinner and his preschool
Finish unpacking and cleaning the kitchen
Organize my closet
Go through Maddie and Bryce’s toys to make space for new stuff
Be more intentional/organized with Bryce and Madison’s learning time
All laundry and clean the floors in every room
Make some changes to my weekly schedule

I am Grateful For:
The health and well being of my friends and family
The opportunities coming my way
Less stress since making the big move
Blasts of energy I’ve been getting lately
My knees not being in crazy pain with this weather change
Bentley (our family daschund) being house trained

Clean the house top to bottom
Fix up the kids play area *hangs head in shame*


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