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Whether you’re newly natural or have been rocking your puffy halo for a while, or even a relaxed girl like myself; wash day should be easy. And it shouldn’t be a chore. We should feel relieved that we can flip our ‘fros and twirl our twist outs. Natural hair should be fun, fluffy and fancy free. So what’s the point if you’re taking just as much time as going to the beauty shop to do your hair when you’re natural?
If you don’t know, the phrase “wash day” is the day, not to be confused with a day of rest, that is reserved for grooming. For some women, wash day is a dance of complicated steps involving multiple products and oils and conditioning caps in an effort to achieve the perfect balance of moisture and softness. To that I say, wash DAY? A whole day? Really? I don’t have time for that. Actually, I won’t even entertain pretending like I’m making time for that. My “wash day” usually consists of the following (I’m also including my fav products):

Prepoo….if I feel like I need the extra moisture not a mandatory step (L’Oreal Total Repair conditioner mixed with EVOO) cover with plastic cap for 30 mins; during this time I’m usually doing something around the house or watching tv.

Shampoo 2x (L’Oreal Total Repair shampoo)

If I feel like it…..black tea rinse (Lipton black tea)

Deep condition (whatever conditioner I have on hand mixed with either EVOO or coconut oil) for 30 mins. I don’t sit under a dryer or steamer but I do put on a plastic cap and I typically am moving around so the body heat I generate is enough for me.

After rinsing I normally let my hair air dry for about 20 mins before I put my leave ins on my hair (Cantu Shea Butter leave in conditioner, Organix Coconut Milk anti breakage serum)

Then, I either wrap my hair if I plan on wearing it straight or I will Bantu knot it for the week
Total I spend maybe 1.5-2hours max on my “wash day” but honey some people I know and some blogs I’ve run across take the Wash Day at its total literal meaning LOL!

Within the last five years, so many companies launched hair care lines devoted to natural hair. Tons of products definitely increases our choice, but also increases our desire to stock our linen closets with six different conditioners—all still half-full—that sit there, unused like a coin collection. It makes sense that newly natural women try more products because figuring out what works is a valid challenge. But for the rest of us a few years (or decades) into the natural game, get a trusted product lineup and stick with it. Keep it simple. Using less product saves time and effort, and makes wash day fly by. Streamlining those products helps to keep wash day antics to a minimum. Your living space isn’t doubling as a meth lab, so there’s no reason to put the entire pantry and the contents under the kitchen sink on your hair and call it a hydrating masque. Ma’am. Stop it. No, seriously, stop it before you smell fumes.
Having a routine also helps to cut down on grooming time. Washing your hair should be like taking a shower. Not many people truly dread bathing, they just do it. Lather, rinse, repeat. It’s that simple. But not us. We want to co-wash, deep condition, suffer through awful smelling protein treatments, sit under the dryer for 47 minutes until hair glues itself to the top of the hooded dryer, rinse the hair for 12 more minutes, slather on extra virgin olive oil hot oil treatment on, sit under the dryer again for 21 minutes because 15 just doesn’t ‘feel’ long enough, rinse again, then finally begin to style. Who does that? Well, a lot of us actually.
The most important thing to note here is that there’s nothing wrong with natural hair that needs fixing. Unless you’re sleeping without a bonnet or satin pillowcase every night or rushing through combing your hair, you most likely don’t have glaring issues with your hair. And, this is especially true if your hair isn’t color-treated. That means there’s no need to always do all of the extra treatments and put in the the “just in case” products. Part of going natural is learning to be okay with what you’ve got. Letting go of trying to achieve perfectly formed zig zags, curls and coils with an array of products doesn’t mean you’re doomed to be unkempt. Besides, if it’s a humid day, fluffy hair will probably frizz even if a $22 curl activating serum is bonded to each coil. Hair will find a way to behave the way it wants. Let it do that.
Seriously, if you want to wash your hair on Saturday morning, do it. Just don’t take all day.


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