Situation Graduation

Hello y’all! Sorry I’ve been neglecting my blog but this weekend was my nephews HS graduation, so I was a busy bee putting together the massive party and then the day after the party was the graduation…can y’all believe there was 735 seniors! I’m very proud of my nephew, in case you can’t tell…my nephew means the world to me. I am the youngest of 5 and the only girl, like when I say I’m the youngest i mean that in the most extreme terms; the youngest of my older brothers are 38! That’s a 12 yr age difference and also my oldest brother (nephews father) is going to be 43 this year. Now as I was, growing up I really didn’t have a tight bond with my brothers because of the drastic age difference so when I was about 8 my nephew Quinton comes along and we’ve basically grown up together. I’ve changed diapers, played in the dirt, gotten in trouble, and lived it up with him; my nephew is like the sibling I didn’t have as a kid. He is really a great kid: he has held down a job for 2 years, competed on the swim team, did theatre, and was a key member on the speech and debate team while maintaining his grades…awesome kid…In the fall he will be headed to Prairie View A&M to study mass communication, no words can really properly describe how proud I am of him. But yeah, he’s all that and a bag of hot fries in my eyes!






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